The Last Laugh by Jackie Villarreal Nájera

 My brothers think it’s funny to constantly tickle me. I have three brothers living in my home. They are Jeffrey, Mark and Mano.  I am the oldest in the family. My family is actually a lot fun, sometimes but the constant tickling can get old.

“Stop!”  Usually means to them that I want more tickles. I have told them “I’m your older sister, so stop!” All it means to them is more tickle attacks.

 I tell Mano. “You are the baby so stop tickling your big sister.”

 His response as usual is, “Yea right.”

 One of the worse things that my brother Mark does is wait until I’m busy and he sneaks up on me and kisses me on my neck. He knows my tickle spot and it makes me jump.

He teases, “So you want be kissed?”

He sometimes jumps on my bed or gets in front of the TV.  If I tell him to get away he stays longer. The way I get back at Mark is to threaten him by saying “panties” or saying “I like skinny dipping.” He runs into his room with his hands covering his ears and yelling, “LALALA! I can’t hear you!”

I can also get back at Mark by laughing at my husband’s silly jokes. He hates that, especially when they are not funny.

Jeff has not recently jumped on my bed. That is just because he had several knee and foot surgeries.

Mano also loves to tease Jeff and me.  He makes fun of the way we walk. Actually, Mano teases everyone about their walking.  Mano is a little different with me. He waits until I’m drinking coffee and then he attacks.

He comes and starts tickling me and kissing me until my coffee is all over the table and then he laughs. He also loves to make slurping sounds when I drink water. He has sounds for everything I do. The way I get back at Mano is by sucking my thumb imitating the way he sleeps. He hates that.

  A friend once said to me “I would love to have brothers.” 

“You’re kidding of course.” I say.  “You don’t know what it’s like to be constantly attacked every day. I can’t even drink coffee in peace. I’m always afraid they are behind me ready to attack.”

“It sounds like you have a fun family.”

“Sometimes it is.” I say.   “Sometimes I can even get back at them.

I do love my brothers very much, they mean everything to me.

The way the boys tease me is kind of the way I teased and attacked my Uncle Manuel during our “war.”  You can read about that here: (

I guess everything that goes around comes around.

Karma! Who knew?



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