The Green Car by Jackie Villarreal Najera

One of the worst experiences I had was when my sister Linda was almost kidnapped by a man in a green car. Linda was a year younger than me.

One fall day when I was about twelve years old my mom sent me to the store. Linda came along.  The store was about half a mile from our home.

A man in a green car moved slowly following us. I noticed the car right away. The man opened his door and offered Linda a piece of candy. Linda didn’t know any better.

My sister was about to accept the treat when suddenly I grabbed her by her hand and ran. The man followed us.  I was in a panic mode running and trying to hide. Then it occurred to me that there were houses all around and I started ringing doorbells. A lady came the door and I told her our problem. She called the police. I was never so glad that there were good people in my city.

My city of Corpus Christi, Texas is really a safe place.  Despite of what happened to Linda, I was never afraid to go anywhere by myself.

 I am now old and I think back at my life as child, it was a happy time. My parents always made sure we had fun and were protected. We never had to worry about anything. Dad always said “Have fun, there’s enough time as adults when you will have to work.”

He was never so right about that!


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