Tall Tales Maybe by Jackie Villarreal Najera

My Tia Lala once told me that she had been a Can Can dancer. I did not know whether it was true or not. When I was a young teenager she was about 75 years old. She sang very well even at her age.

 She also said that my father use to give my mother a ride on his bicycle’s handlebars. She said that my parents were married young, and Dad still rode a bike. I did know that my parents were married young. I did not know my father rode a bike.

 Another aunt told me that one of my female relatives got in a gunfight with the Texas Rangers.I asked “Please repeat that.” I must have asked her at least ten times to repeat it. I was so shocked I forgot ask her the name of the relative.

Another story was from my dad. He said his grandfather told him that his great-grandfather came from Spain. He came to the State of Colorado. He said that everyone in the family were fishermen. They thought Colorado sounded Spanish to them. They discovered that the state did not have an ocean. Then they traveled to Texas and found the ocean. He thought some of his relatives went to Mexico and others to Texas to fish. 

I really don’t know whether my aunt LaLa was telling the truth. I don’t know if aunt Lala was really a Can Can dancer. I don’t know whether a female aunt got in a gunfight with the Texas Rangers. I do know that what my dad said, he believed. My father was never in the habit of lying to me. 

My grandmother told me that my grandfather was Cherokee. Grandmother never lied to me. I don’t know if that is true. I think Grandfather probably told her that.

I have tried to look up all this in the internet. In the meantime, they are tall tales for now.



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