Parties by Jackie Villarreal Najera

My grandmother felt that getting a party every year was not good. She said we would not appreciate it. The exceptions were Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. 

My brother Joey, when he was a year-old, grandmother showed him his cake. He grabbed a piece of the cake with his tiny hands and ate it. I don’t remember my first birthday cake. I suppose we all had a cake at year old.

My sweet sixteen birthday party was at Cole Park. I was very excited because there were a lot of people there. I especially liked having the college students from the University of Corpus Christi. My birthday was in the summer so none of my friends from school came. The food was great but I really didn’t care. I received lots of presents. I didn’t care about that. I honestly did not need anything.

 My Dad always bought us lots of things. I thanked everybody for coming to my party, and we went home. I didn’t think anything was better than that great party. I was sitting by the window still thinking of the great party. Suddenly I heard a guitar playing. I looked out and the man said

  “I have come to serenade you on your birthday.”

 I was surprised and very happy. I didn’t think anything could top the party but, I was wrong.  I knew my father had paid the man to do this. Then he started to sing. He sang my favorite Spanish songs. That is how I knew my Dad had done this. Only he knew all the songs I loved. It was my perfect night.

 I didn’t get another party until I was twenty-three. I was already going with my boyfriend who is now my husband of forty-two years.

This birthday was very strange. My mom insisted that I get a new dress for the party. I took my boyfriend to help me select the dress. The party started without me. When I returned, there were a least sixty people at my party. My guests were eating and having a good time.

 A friend of my mother had a son who liked me. He wanted to take me for a ride. I told him I had a boyfriend and it was my birthday party. My mom insisted that I let him take me for a ride. I didn’t want to but, mom insisted. I tried to tell mom that it was weird. I was having a party. I went with the strange boy anyway.  

There were things he wanted to show me, I ended saying “I’ve seen it.” No matter what he showed me I’d say “I have seen it.” He finally brought me home. My guests didn’t even know I was gone!

 I got home just in time to cut the cake.                                    

It was one strange birthday!




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