Camp and Skinny Dipping by Jackie Villarreal Najera

I have never been shy about going skinny dipping. I am not an exhibitionist though.

I once visited with a distant cousin name Aurora in Mexico. I was eleven years old then. She lived near a creek. It was so hot there. I did not have a swim suit with me so I got into the creek without anything on.  I was after all, only eleven.

What I did not realize is that a school was in session close to the creek. The kids got to the windows to peek at me. I waved and they waved back. After all what could I do?  They had already seen me.   

When I turned eighteen I went to camp. Most Summers I would go to a residential camp.  All that means is you live at camp two weeks at a time until summer is over. The camp was for girls only.  The boy’s camp was about two miles away. The boys camp was for boys six to ten. Our camp was for girls twelve to fourteen.

 One night my friends wanted to go skinny dipping. I remembered that the lake was very cold.  Snow was still melting into the lake but, my friends insisted on going. We went skinny dipping and later we just stayed naked outside the lake drying out. Just then we heard a noise. I asked my friends,

“What’s that noise?”

“It’s probably the boys.”

 “Maybe we should put some clothes on.”

“Why?”  We all agreed not to put our clothes back on until we were dried. We remained in our birthday suits until we were dry. It seemed like nothing bothered my friends. At residential camp, everyone is very friendly and we share everything.   I did draw the line at sharing Suzy’s toothbrush. I had forgotten my toothbrush at home base. My friend Suzy wanted me to share hers. I politely said “That’s OK. I’m fine.” She insisted saying, “You need to brush your teeth.” Suddenly another friend Louise came into the bathroom. I was never so glad to see her. Suzy forgot about wanting me to share her toothbrush.  

 My friends there were all cheerleaders at their high school. 90% of my friends were important people in their schools. Suzy once asked me, “What activities do you do at your school?”

“Not much.” I said.

“No, really what do you at school?”

“Well my class had a play and I fed them.”

“Wow that’s cool.”

I realized that my friends were very nice.


Once my older sister Gloria came to see me at camp during my weekend off. She decided to go for walk. I told her to not to go on the rocks, I was showing her. The creek is dry now but I warned her, “Those rocks are slippery.  She went anyway, and slipped and fell. She was hanging the ledge and started yelling “Help! Help me!”

I couldn’t stop laughing. I finally told her, “Just let go.”  She kept saying “No help me!” The more she asked for help, the more I laughed. 

Then I said. “Let go!” I kept telling her to “Just let go!” I knew that there was a large ledge below her. She couldn’t see  the ledge because she had panicked. I continued laughing because she looked funny. I couldn’t stop laughing.

She finally let go.  

“I warned you not to go there.”  She was so mad for my laughing at her. I still just kept laughing.   She kept saying “It’s not funny.”

Honestly it was very funny. She was older and she thought she knew more than me. To this day I still laugh when I think of her yelling “Help!”  

Now that I’m over sixty-five, I think back at my life at camp. I am still good at camping and at not getting on slippery rocks.




















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