My Two Sisters by Jackie Villarreal Najera

My younger sisters, Janet, and sometimes Joanne were funny and sometimes rude as kids. Janet was great dancer. She danced at colleges and churches.  I would tell Janet that we never say yes when the people offer us cookies or other sweets. This rule was a thing I grew up with. Grandmother told that me

 “You never take anything offered to you, it would be like you haven’t eaten.”

“Why?” I asked grandmother. “It is considered very rude.”

“We always want people to know that we did eat.” Said grandmother. 

I tried to instill the rule that I learned as a child to Janet. She did not understand the rule. Every time she danced and they offered her cookies she would grab it. I decided to buy cookies and tell her,

“Don’t take cookies if they offer them.”  I told her that she could have the entire package of cookies that I purchased. The church offered her cookies and she took them again!

 I finally had to tell Dad about her bad behavior. She finally stopped grabbing cookies. 

One Saturday my aunt made pancakes for the family. We all ate two pancakes, maybe three. Janet wanted more than that. She kept asking for more pancakes. In our family, we never ask for more of anything. Usually, my aunt would ask “Do you want one more pancake?” That meant we already had at least one pancake. 

My aunt would stop asking after two pancakes. Janet, however, continued asking for more pancakes. My aunt at first thought it was rude but, just gave her more. She probably figured she was exceptionally hungry. Janet continued asking for more pancakes. Then Janet went to the bathroom then returned and wanted more pancakes. My aunt started making tons of pancakes for her. She ate them all. Her stomach looked like a basketball. 

One Sunday while driving around we saw some boots that were left in an empty garage. The door was opened. Janet yelled out,

“Look!  There is an invisible man!”

Everybody in the car just said, “Huh?”

We all started laughing. I don’t think Janet understood why we laughed. 

Today Janet lives in Hawaii. She doesn’t over eat any more. She now runs ten miles a day. She even runs in marathons. She ran the Boston Marathon twice. She has three grown kids that are very smart.

 My sister Joann was also sometimes funny. We once sent her to buy a deluxe pizza. She returned saying, “They said they didn’t have a duplex pizza.” 

We couldn’t stop laughing.

Once she made a mayonnaise sandwich with just salt and pepper. She said to me there was no meat. My father always made sure we had meat. She just liked mayonnaise.

 Joann is extremely smart. She never forgets names, dates, and years of things. 

Janet and Joann are very talented now that they are adults. They sure were funny as kids.



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