Stephie and the Girl by Jackie Villarreal Najera

At one time Stephanie and Kiersten have lived in my home.  Stephanie was my funny girl. Stephanie loved movies and often imitated them. For example, she saw the Princess Bride and a character hits someone on the head to “jog the memory.”  Stephi decided to jog her younger sister’s memory by hitting her on the head.

Stephi then saw the movie Holes where boys dig holes to “become good little boys.”  Stephi started digging holes in my back yard.

“Stephi what you doing?” I asked her.

“I’m digging a hole to become a good little boy.”

“Sweetie you’re a girl” I told her.

“That’s okay.” She said. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Stephi loved our dog. One day Stephi was walking around with a pillowcase. The pillowcase was moving around.

“Stephi what is in the pillowcase?” I asked her.

“The dog.” She said.

“Put the dog down!” I told her.

“OK.”  She said as though she hadn’t done anything wrong. When I told my husband, he just laughed. The dog started barking at her every time he saw her for about week. She just picked up the dog and said she was sorry and the dog forgave her.

We often took Stephi with us to the county fair, restaurants and shopping. No matter where we went people would stop us and remark that they had never seen such a beautiful girl. They often get friends to come and see the most beautiful child. Stephi never reacted to all the attentions. She just wanted to go shopping and as she put it,

“Let’s get more stuff!”

Stephi no longer lives with us. She is now twenty-four and loves to take pictures. She knows cameras well, even my advanced camera that has a lot of features.

Kiersten lives in my home now. We call her “The Girl” because everybody in my home are older people.  She left for a while and then returned. Since my brother, her father lives in my home she wanted to live with her dad. My brother has been divorced for many years.

Kiersten was nothing like Stephanie. “The Girl” is stubborn and funny. Kiersten hated preschool. Every day she’d cry, “I don’t go to school!” Every day she would find something in my home and take it with her to school. It must have been her security object.

One day she comes home and tells me, “Miss Jovita is mean to me.” I told her I’d talk to her. I really just wanted to make her feel better. I thought it was funny so I told Miss Jovita about her complaint. I thought she also would laugh. She got angry and told me, “Kiersten wakes the other students from their naps.” She didn’t have a sense of humor.

Even as a baby Kiersten liked to throw food on the floor. I guess all babies do that, except my Kiersten liked to yell in a high pitch voice. She hated almost every food.

I also took Kiersten to different places. I once took her to Mc Donald’s and put her in the high chair. I told her to stay there and not to move. I said, “Stay seated or you’ll fall and land on your head.”  Of course, she stood up and landed on her head.

I gave a party at Chuck-E-Cheese and she got under the table and wouldn’t come out. I thought maybe she wanted a party at the museum like Stephanie’s or an animal party just like her sister. Kiersten didn’t want a party.

We finally gave her a party at my home and she seemed happy. Unfortunately, this when she turned twenty-one.

Kiersten now likes many different foods. When she and her dad went to China as her high school graduation present, she ate everything. She even ate scorpions on a stick. She said she loved them.

These days she loves Mexican menudo (tripe soup), and tries most foods. I guess as an adult she learned to appreciate different foods.

Today she goes to college and is an artist.






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