Dog Lovers by Jackie Villarreal Najera

My family are all dog lovers. When my brother John was young he had a dog name Brownie. The dog was his love.  Brownie had a bad habit of chasing cars. John was too young to train his dog. One day Brownie was hit by a car and died. My brother cried and I saw Dad cry too. He then told John “No more dogs.” Dad couldn’t stand to see John so upset. 

After John was a teenager we moved to a different house that  was only temporary. Our permanent  home was always with grandma. During that time John collected dogs and fenced them in an empty lot.  Dad found out and said, “Let them go!”

John could not be discouraged from his mission of getting a dog. One day he showed up with a Samoyed. I don’t remember where he got a dog that had so much fur. The part of Texas that we are from has five months of humid hot weather. The dog was probably very uncomfortable. He named the new dog Roxie.  

My dad really liked dogs also. When I was in my twenties my father had a dog name Lady. She was very docile. Our dog liked to visit our neighbors. She would get treats from almost every one. 

One neighbor hated  Lady and claimed she bit him. Our dog was taken away. The lying neighbor just smiled as our dog was taken away.  

I decided to get even with the jerk. I rang his doorbell at three in the morning. I left poop in his doorway. I found out his number and called him often. He called the police and accused us of harassment. He had no proof of anything. I just laughed. After dad found out what I was doing, he told me “You can’t be doing bad things to other people.” So, I stopped.

That man moved away after that but I knew his name and I decided to continue the harassment in secret. 

Now that I’m old I think back at all the rotten things I did.  I guess some of us take a lifetime to learn.